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This is what Mitt knows before:

His dad and his friends, Siriol and Dideo and Canden and the Free Holanders are having a meeting, and his mom is worried, and she and his father argue while he pretends to sleep on his mattress and after his dad leaves his mom stays up all night, by the door, worrying at her lip, her face creased like he so so hates it to be when he falls into restless sleep.

This is what happens:

Part way through the night there is a desperate knocking on the door that wakes Mitt up though he isn’t quite sure, his mother’s breathless panic seems too much out of a dream, and he is still when she opens the door and opens her mouth and gives a little scream and there are noises of women waking up in the rooms around and staying still, staying worried, so that if someone is getting arrested they can say they didn’t know can keep from being disappeared.

There is a shape in the door, a wrong shape, a shape that is coming apart at the seams, and when it speaks it is Canden but its voice is filled with bubbles and pain and anger and it says

Harchad's men. Waiting for us. Informers--Dideo, Siriol and Ham. They informed on us

And his mother cries, and then Canden, kind Canden, slips and falls down and apart and the door closes behind his mother and there are women and worried voices and Mitt never sees him again.

This is what Mitt knows after:

His mama opened the door, and screamed, and Canden talked to her and fell to pieces, all to pieces, like straw Ammet but wetly and the next morning outside of the door there is a big stain of blood and he knows that Canden and his dad are dead, though his mama won't tell him why.

And he knows whose fault it is.


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