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Mitt doesn’t have anyone to ask him what he’s been doing since his father was killed, these months gone.

If they did, he wouldn't know what to say.

But he does know this:

1. Siriol and Dideo and Ham betrayed his father, but they come around and bring food and his mom accepts it and makes him eat it even though it’s cause of them they don’t have enough money to eat, because of them his dad is dead and Milda is too scared to work in case she’s snagged as well.

2. He’s going to get them back. He’s not sure how or why but that’s what he’s got to do, because his mom has a crease on her cheek where she used to have a dimple and Canden fell to pieces and the only way to set it right is to get them back.

3. His mom relies on him. He’s her free spirit, he’s not scared like everyone else in the city, who cower at the guards. Why would he be? He’s Mitt Alson, and he’s braver than they’ll ever be (he makes Milda smile, wiping her crease away).

4. Being a free spirit is lonely.

5. Loneliness is better off ignored.

When the festival rolls around again, and they throw Old Ammet and his lady-wife Libby Beer into the sea, Milda starts work again. Mitt is six years old, and he wants to take on the world.
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