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Name:Mitt (or Al, or Ham) son of Al (or Mitt, or Ham)
Birthdate:Aug 9
"It was marvelous to have to commonest name in Holand. Mitt, with perfect truth, could call himself Alham Alhamsson, Ham Hamsson, Hammitt Hammittsson, and Mitt Mittson, or any combination of those that he fancied."Drowned Ammett

Mitt doesn't like people in power.

That's what historians like to call "ironic".

[Note about speech: Mitt's accent is highly unplaceable (beyond generic 'lower class'), and varies wildly. This is partially because I suck at being consistent, but also because he has spent much of his life around people with very different accents. He tries to sound "tougher" than his base accent is, which in his misguided way includes overusing apostrophes. :)]

[Warning: Mitt is very rude and, as he fancies himself to be pretty amazing, condescending. This does not mean I dislike you/your pup! If you need to get in contact with me, leave a note here.]

Mitt is ten. He has lanky brown hair that reaches the bottom of his neck but's held back in a tail, and medium-toned caucasian skin. His eyes are some dark shade of green- or gray- blue. He is short for his age, skinny, strong, and hollow-cheeked--he's not exactly malnourished and he's never been starving, but he definitely has far less access to food than a modern kid. He's strong, and has been a fisherman since he was seven. Appearance will be updated as he ages.

Alhammitt Alhammittsson is from The Dalemark Quartet, and is the property of Diana Wynne Jones. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Interests (22):

day dreaming, farming, friends, guns, hildy, justice, libby beer, maewen, making milda smile, mocking nobility, moril, names, not killing people, old ammet, pie, rebellion, revenge, sailing, sarcasm, ships, the holy isles, ynen
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